Success at event rental marketing requires making a thorough marketing plan. When creating that plan, it’s good to keep in mind event rental marketing tips such as focusing on filling a need, offering and promoting great customer service and having a big presence in digital marketing.

No two businesses are the same. However, certain common issues challenge all entrepreneurs in the amusement business. We’ve covered three of the most important ones in the following event rental marketing tips.

Fill A Need

These first two go together, and they are more a mindset than anything else. Both revolve around always putting the customer first.

When you think about marketing, don’t think of it as marketing to make a sale. Think instead of it as marketing to show people your business fills a need for them. In the event rental business, that need is for safe, affordable and fun entertainment for friends and family. Everything in your marketing plan should flow from that idea.

What is Softplay?

For example, many businesses put information geared toward making a sale on their website. But it serves the customer’s needs more to have content that answers their questions and better serves their needs.

Customer Service

This area builds on filling a need for customers. The central question to keep in mind when focusing on customer service is, “What does my business do for customers that sets it apart from everyone else?”  You want to provide them an excellent experience at every ”touch point” of your event rental business. This is one of the major tenets of process improvement methodology in business, and that’s because it works.

Keeping customer service a priority means taking actions such as:

  • Having a set plan for how employees answer incoming telephone calls
  • Having answers to common customer questions on your website and known by all employees
  • Putting employees through customer service training
  • Holding regular meetings where management and employees discuss situations that occur with customers and develop plans to handle these situations better in the future.

All this also informs your marketing content. You want to make sure that customers know all the services you have in place to make their time with you more enjoyable.

Have Amazing Entertainment

If you focus on filling a need and having great customer service, you’ve already set yourself apart. But now comes an even bigger step – giving customers unique, amazing entertainment that your competition doesn’t offer. That will make marketing far easier, because you’ll have something that everyone wants to try as the centerpiece of your marketing materials.

What is a Galaxy Fun Park?

The obvious example is the castle at Disney World. They don’t even have to say much, just show an image of that castle. Kids want to see that castle. So do adults. It speaks for itself. The same can be said for many rides Disney offers.

Great entertainment rental options can do the same for your business. Event rental business owners should set aside time each month to find out what exciting new rentals are available. They will attract customers and make marketing that much easier.

Digital Marketing

For small businesses, digital marketing has been a gift. The internet rewards businesses that put the effort into their digital marketing, no matter the size of the operation. For event rental businesses, they can reach more customers than ever. Some basics to incorporate into your digital marketing plans include the following.

Content marketing. Creating a website that contains informative, interesting content that will appeal to your customers is the first step to take in this area. Content truly is king. You want it to be original and to provide information that is useful to people who visit your site.

Social media. Facebook advertising, posting on social media channels like YouTube and interacting with your customers are priorities in the modern business world. You want to meet people where they live. These days, that’s on social media.

Email marketing. Email now is considered an older way of advertising, but it remains one of the most effective. Building email lists and routinely contacting people through email can quickly expand your customer base.

These event rental marketing tips can help you better develop plans to showcase your business. Keeping customers first and providing high-quality, exciting entertainment rental options provide the foundation for a great marketing plan.

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