We get this question all the time, and to be honest, it is a hard one for us to answer. We love all of our Galaxy rides and we are constantly striving to invent new and even more innovative ones for the entertainment industry.

Favorite Galaxy Rides

So answering that question can be pretty tough. We will always love the mechanical bull. Obviously, it’s where we started and where we put a lot of energy for years. Most of the large amusement companies we work with started expanding their business years ago with a multi ride mechanical bull. Of course, by choosing a multi ride unit, they knew they could expand with other attachments to make their business more and more versatile. And many of the business owners/operators started doing a lot more promotional events once their area businesses realized they could add custom attractions branded just for them.

More Than A Bull Market

Now that we’re no longer “just” a mechanical bull company, the choices get harder and harder each year. We expanded into the action game industry with the Redneck Games. These Galaxy rides came in numerous themes and they could be purchased as a stand alone game OR they could be used with our mechanical bull base if someone already had a bull. Very quickly, it seemed that mechanical bull owners realized that having a redneck game with it’s own base pretty much assured that if you rented a redneck game, you could probably upsell the bull too.

Toxic Galaxy Rides

Once we realized this, we expanded further with the “TOXIC”rides, “KAPOW” and “Grand Slammer.” And we didn’t stop there. When you consider that Galaxy Multi Rides also makes surfboard, skateboard and snowboard rides along with inflatables, shooting games and other interactive rides you might see where we would have a hard time picking a favorite.

Your Favorite

What about you? If you could only choose ONE of our Galaxy rides, which would it be? And if you already have some of the Galaxy rides, which direction would you go for expansion. We would love to have your input because for us here at Galaxy, making this type of choice would be like having to choose which one of your children you like best. We just can’t pick one!