If you are in the business of renting out amusement rides and inflatable games, you always want to be aware of the new upcoming games each year. This requires a fair amount of research although the research can just be simplified by joining some of the forums and Facebook groups. And also signing up for email newsletters and blog updates from different manufacturers. And of course, you also want to be aware of what your competitors are buying and advertising at any given time.

New Amusement Rides

When you see something new, don’t hesitate to ask questions on your groups page or favorite blog. You will want to hear opinions on how the ride is working for other companies. There are a few different type of inflatable games and amusement rides that stick out as the top sellers. These are the ones that you need to have in your inventory for your clients. Make sure you are aware of all the new games and rides because you can be assured that your clients will already of researched many of them.

Here are some of the top options that you might want to add to your inventory this year.

Mechanical Bull

If you want an inflatable game that will excite and be versatile enough for a variety of different events, you can’t go wrong with the mechanical bull. This is a type of inflatable game that is known to be rented at a high rate. This means that it really is a must-have option for your inventory and it is guaranteed to be a popular option among your customers that are renting inflatable games and other amusement rides. The mechanical bull multi ride unit from Galaxy is the original multi ride and the potential profit from this ride is enormous. There are even a variety of different types of attachments that can be purchased so that you can use your ride in different ways. And you’re not just limited by current products. Galaxy will customize any type of attachment to fit your needs..

Promotional Events

It is also a good idea to think about having the option of renting out promotional inflatable games and amusement rides to customers that are looking for a way to promote during their event. You can buy more custom rides that are designed specifically for promotion that would be the ideal choice. The best part is that these games and rides can be custom made depending on what the preferences of the customer are and what type of event they are associated with. And the good part? If you use your ride as part of a promotion, you have a very good chance of having a new piece of equipment that is basically paid for by your client.

The day of “just” owning inflatables is pretty much over. Clients today are much more sophisticated than in years past and they expect much more from their local party rental company. Games like “Meltdown”, “Redneck Games” and the brand new “Grand Slammer”being requested more and more by a public that spends a lot of time looking for the newest “fun” item for their next event.