Planning an event can go far beyond buying food and playing music as more and more people are beginning to take advantage of interactive rides and games that they can rent and have at their events.  Years ago, all party rental companies carried basically the same type of products; Inflatable bounces, obstacle courses, slides and games.  When Galaxy developed the multi ride mechanical bull, many companies started their business with just one bull and could still be busy year round.

In this economy, it’s the business owner who can offer some of the newest games and rides that will get the business; especially college and corporate clients.  They all want variety and most are looking for the newest and greatest piece of equipment for their next event.

Interactive action gamesWhen Galaxy decided to expand on their motion based rides, they put a lot of thought into what types of games and rides would be most beneficial to their current and future customers.  Designing a game starts with an idea, but after the idea comes hours and hours of design and planning to make sure the ride is not only fun, but safe, easy to operate and easy to maintain.  Redneck Games and it’s spin offs are the result of an enormous amount of planning to make sure that Galaxy could offer the best product available to the end user.

The Redneck Games are a collection of different physical activities that are built to specifically challenge dexterity, endurance, and agility.  This offers a totally new concept to interactive amusement games.  Many of these games are specially designed to mimic the look of the Deep South and all of their swamps.  However, the themes are changing constantly and new themes are being designed all the time.   Of course, a big benefit of the Redneck Games portfolio is that any of the games can be custom designed to fit a particular theme.  This makes them great for fixed venues.

The main objective of the original Redneck Game is to see who will last the longest on the tree stump.  Four players will be standing alone on one of the tree stumps that are floating in the swamp.  The task is determining whether to jump or duck to avoid being knocked off of the stump by a pesky log.  This game is not only good for agility but also is mentally challenging as the players decide what movement might be best to ensure they are the last player still standing on a stump.

Meltdown action game manufacturerFor companies looking for more amazing interactive amusement games, there are three other versions including Volcano Zone, Battle Zone, Meltdown and River Rush.  Each one is perfect for any type of event as both children and adults will be able to test their physical and mental strength while having an immense amount of fun.

In the past, when those in the entertainment industry thought of mechanical bulls, the first name to come to mind was Galaxy.  But we all need to remember that Galaxy Multi Rides is not just a mechanical bull manufacturer any longer.  Take a look at their website to see all of the action games and rides they manufacture with the same regard to safety and quality that made the mechanical bull #1 in the world.  For more information, visit