What’s the newest, most exciting addition you can get for your Interactive Games business?  How about an interactive shooting gallery?   Galaxy Multi Rides offering of a mobile trailer that includes 30 interactive target animations and this gets you a HUGE amount of portable fun for your clients.

Of course, no animated shooting gallery is complete without light, sound, air and even motion actions that are sure to surprise all players.  All of Galaxy’s electronic shooting galleries and trailers are fully customized to each individual clients needs.  Since all of the parts are manufactured in Galaxy’s facility in Port Charlotte, FL, the games can easily be customized to a 4 or 8 player game and each trailer/game comes with it’s choice of three different themes.

1) The Redneck Ruckus is set up as an old ramshackle western saloon

2) The Zombie Hunt is a sure favorite that includes zombies, humans and animals

3) The Pirates Revenge takes place in an antique haunted pirate ship.

The Galaxy Shooting Gallery is the perfect rental item for any type of event, whether it is a festival, corporate event, college event or even a post prom or grad night.  Each player in the game uses their infrared shotgun to try and shoot as many targets as possible in a given time frame.  Each station has a digital display that show the players score as it increases.

The Interactive Electronic Shooting Gallery is great for rental events because you can set it on “free play” which offers unlimited time.  But if you want to do festivals and other types of pay for play events, you might want to add a bill validator to keep track of your profits.

The ease of set up is another plus for the Galaxy Shooting Gallery.  From stepping out of the truck until complete set up, one person can have the game up and running in only 7 minutes.

For more information on how profitable our Electronic Shooting Gallery can be as an addition to your interactive games business, visit https://galaxymultirides.com/interactive-shooting-gallery/interactive-electronic-shooting-gallery-trailer/.