In its quest to offer the family entertainment industry the latest, most innovative products, Galaxy Multi Rides gives family fun center operators the chance to buy commercial soft play equipment. They also help owners pick the best options for their customer base and the business budget, as well as offer services after the sale and advice on when and where to offer their entertainment.

What is Softplay?

An excellent example of commercial soft play equipment are the Galaxy Fun Parks, which feature a wide variety of entertainment options, all housed in one giant, inflatable park. Galaxy can customize a park to fit the layout of any type of family fun center. The indoor inflatable parks from Galaxy are considered the best indoor parks in the world.

What is a Galaxy Fun Park?

But that’s not all the choices a family fun center has for soft play. To decide what indoor park supplies they need, businesses should first consider what will best suit their customers.

Who Wants to Buy Commercial Soft Play Equipment?

Family fun centers are the undisputed king of soft play entertainment. If you own a fun center, you likely have plenty of trampolines, foam pits, and maybe even bumper cars and arcade games. But soft play has come a long way in recent years.

Innovative designs have created an inflatable park business that is geared toward offering customers everything they need in one massive park. A Galaxy Fun Park, for example, includes obstacle courses, zip lines, bounce areas, games, slides and mazes, to name a few of many possibilities. It’s the next level up for family fun center operators.

How to Start an Inflatable Park Business

What Kind of Soft Play Equipment Do You Need?

In addition to buying a complete park, you can also get individual attractions. The key is deciding what works best with your current customers, or the ones you want to attract. For most fun centers, that means families who want entertainment that is safe, fun and challenging for the kids. Attracting young teens is also a good target demographic for a fun center.

Once you decide what you want, other questions to ask before you buy include:

  • What is customizable? It’s important to look for commercial soft play equipment for a company that can customize your choices. Otherwise, you might get stuck trying to make something work in a space that is not right for it.
  • What maintenance is required? You also want a company that offers low maintenance equipment and one that will provide you service on their equipment after the sale.
  • What fits your budget? If you choose to buy commercial soft play equipment from a company that will customize your entertainment, it’s possible to get the soft play equipment you always wanted at a price that is affordable.

Where To Offer Soft Play Entertainment?

Location is everything. As a leader for many years in the entertainment business, Galaxy Multi Rides has seen family fun center operators succeed in countries and cities around the world. The key is knowing your customers and picking the right place to attract them.

Having a sensational attraction as a centerpiece for your business guarantees have foot traffic. You also want an indoor space large enough to fit many different attractions safely. The more room people have, the safer and more comfortable they will feel. It’s also key to keep practical issues in mind such as having ample parking space, adequate roads in the area and a safe and attractive neighborhood surrounding your business.Keeping these issues in mind can guide you to make good decisions when you buy commercial soft play equipment. Perhaps the best advice is to seek guidance from professional companies like Galaxy Multi Rides who have worked for decades in helping their customers achieve success with their unique attractions.