Advertising for BarsIf you operate a bar, then you understand the struggles that occur from time to time. Just like any business, you have great seasons and terrible seasons. And it’s during the hard times that Bar Promotion Ideas can be a huge benefit to a struggling business.

The hard part though is to find a bar promotion idea or activity that 1) is not only affordable, but 2) is easy to manage. Something most companies don’t realize is that if you are going to invest money into some kind of stimulus for your bar, the smart thing to do is to invest in a product that you can use throughout the year. Although most thoughts run to doing a specialized promotion during the slow times, a smart bar owner/manager will realize that promotions run throughout the year might very well keep the bar busy year round.

What would a bar owner want to invest to keep business thriving throughout the year?

Skateboard Ride | AdvertisingThe experts at Galaxy Multi Rides have years of experience in the type of equipment needed to run successful bar and nightclub promotions. In fact, they are SO experienced, that companies from all over the world call on them to develop custom promotions exclusively for their business.

Galaxy understands the tricks to running the kind of promotions that you need specifically for YOUR business. For instance, many companies want to build their brand. In that case, they’ll usually want a custom ride that promotes the brand. However, other companies really want to promote their business more than the brand.

If that’s the case, there are some questions they need to ask themselves before moving forward:

  • How much space do they have available for their promotions
  • Would they like to promote the bar outside of their business
  • Do they want one “theme” type of promotion, or different types of offers
  • What type of budget do they have for promotional equipment and events

Redneck Games | Portable PromotionsOne of the great things about the Galaxy Multi Rides is the actual multi ride unit. The actual themed ride is built on a motion base. And most themes can be interchanged to utilize the same motion base. For instance, if you decide to do a mechanical bull promotion throughout 2014, you can actually change your promotion in 2015 to something that works for multiple participants like the Redneck Games or the Meltdown. Or, you might decide to support your local school…and do a custom piece that matches their mascot. Or even better, your own mascot if you have one.

Beer Bottle RideWant to promotion a specific beer? Get your vendor as a sponsor and have Galaxy build you a custom beer can or bottle to match their logo. Getting vendors to co-sponsor your events is a great way to boost your budget. Remember, they have a vested interest in helping you grow your business. And their advertising budget is guaranteed to be larger than yours!

For more information on utilizing bar promotion ideas to boost your business, check out the Galaxy website, or give them a call. You won’t find a better advisor anywhere who understands how to build your business!