Are you in the market for a mechanical bull? Mechanical bulls can be great fun to have at bar promotions, events and even just for establishing your venue as the kind of place people can drink and have fun. Read on to learn more about mechanical bull sales and what to look for.

Two Types of Mechanical Bulls

Buy A Mechanical Bull

Buy A Mechanical Bull

Basically, there are two types of mechanical bulls for sale. The first is a hydraulic variety, which moves using a hydraulic system and also comes with lots of finicky parts that all have to fit together just right. It also has a higher accident rate and is more likely to break down. Plus, it’s common to have the oil leak all over the place.

By contrast, the electric variety is much more reliable, and the best bull is known as the multi-ride mechanical bull. The original manufacturer of the multi-ride mechanical bull is Galaxy MultiRides, which has offices in both the UK and USA. Aside from mechanical bulls, they also offer a wide range of amusement attractions for sale.

Other Things to Consider

While they can be great fun and can really transform your bar into a hopping place where people can have fun, mechanical bulls can also be a bit dangerous. You should shop for one with safety in mind. Only buy a model that comes with padding and with flexible rubber horns so no one impales themselves when they fall. To make sure you get enough padding, make sure the amount of padding fits the level of power in the machine. If you buy a bull with a bigger motor, then you will definitely need a model with extra padding.  In the past few years, most padding has been replaced with inflatable air beds.  These beds are designed for specific units and greatly increase the safety of the bull rider.

Additionally, another good place to start is to look for companies and manufacturers with established reputations. Doing a search online is one of the best ways to do this, but don’t just look at the top of the search engine results.  Read down through the pages to learn about everyone.  You can also visit the “Moonwalk Forum”.  This is a great place to learn about the mechanical bull.

Mechanical Bull

Mechanical Bull

Find a manufacturer that will train you in the best way to handle your bull.  You never want anyone to ride your bull without a fully trained operator so full training is important.  Also, aftercare;  Make sure your mechanical bull manufacturer has been around a long time so that you can assure yourself they will be around for years to come.

Finally, if you’re going to have a mechanical bull at your bar, make sure to buy extra insurance. Even though a mechanical bull can add a great dose of fun to the average night out, injuries have been known to happen. Make sure you’re covered so that one bad spill doesn’t kill the buzz and put you out of business.

For the best mechanical bull manufacturer, check out http://galaxymultirides.  This company is the innovator of the Galaxy Multi Ride Mechanical bull and loads of attachments that can change your bull into a surf machine, beer can, coke bottle and even custom items if you wish.  They can guide you to purchase the best product to fulfill nightclub and bar promotion ideas and actually can even help you come up with ideas.