Litago Rodeo Ku

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Litago Rodeo Ku

Litago Rodeo Ku

Litago is Norway’s largest milkshake and flavored milk brand. The brand, which is all about fun, is manifested through an iconic illustrated cow.

Over the years Litago’s target market has come to love this iconic cow through different promotional and interactive games online.

Litago approached us to create something nobody had done before, and to get their customers playing in real life.

The first challenge was to take a small 2D logo and turn it into a fully life sized ridable icon. But we were not finished there! Litago wanted to create a smartphone application that the audience could download to take control of the mechanical bulls movements.

This was the start of the world’s first iPhone/Android controlled mechanical rodeo bull.

As Litago took their iconic cow, or Ku in Norwegian, on a nation wide college tour, the audience were downloading the app that let them control the direction of the buck and spin directly from there smartphones. Then, once they were done, they were sent a Youtube video link of their experience so they could share it via social media.

The project was a huge success, with Litago achieving their goal of increasing sales targets in college campus cafeterias and beverage vending machines.



Revenue Projection & Return on Investment

How much can YOU make?

Charge $5 per player

Earn $5 every 4 minutes for 1 player
Earn $75 per Hour
Earn $600 per 8 Hours
Earn $4,200 per Week
Earn $218,400 per Year

Typical Rental Price: Charge $1,200 – $1,800 per 4-6 hour period with 2 operators.

Return on Your Investment

We realize you can’t operate at 100% capacity. However operating at just 15% capacity would earn you up to:

$90 per day
$630 per Week
$2,520 per Month
$30,240 per Year

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