This is the second in our series of post on marketing your mechanical bull or party rental business with Instagram.  Hopefully you’ve had some time to look over what we talked about in the first post and you have a better understanding of what Instagram can do for your business.

In this post we are going to share a little more about how to make the power of Instagram work for your business.

instagramWhen you consider the millions and millions of users that Instagram offers, it’s no surprise that more and more companies are daily using this method of social media as part of their marketing strategy.

Originally Instagram only was available on IPhone, but now it’s available on almost any mobile device which means you can do your marketing on any number of mobile devices.You photos can be shared on other sites simultaneously to Instagram, giving more and more users the option to like and share your information.

So, the question is, how are your competitors using Instagram?  And how can you do an even better job of marketing your company.  The fact is, there’s a good chance you can be the first in your local area to market your mechanical bull riding business using Instagram which will automatically put you at the head of the rest of the crowd!   You will be able to develop your own brand personality, which the other companies are still struggling with some of the more standard methods of connecting with clients.

When you’re trying to build brand awareness for your business, your goal will be to gain as much business exposure as possible.  If you consider how many huge brands are using Instagram for promotion, can you even imagine how well it could do for your smaller business?

Everyone loves images…. just watch some friends on Facebook some time to see what types of photos they like.  If you start using powerful images to show the entertainment value of your product, or the safety of use or your happy employees there is no doubt that these photos could be a huge success.

The reason for this type of marketing is that visuals attract attention and they put a picture in users minds.  This picture, especially in the entertainment business is worth so much more than words alone.  And keep in mind; you can use event photos, employee photos, attraction images or even collages & drawings.

ga32As we mentioned in the last post, to get a good feeling for how you can use Instagram in your business, try searching for well-known brand names such as Coca Cola and Red Bull.  But don’t forget to look for businesses similar to yours to check out the way the competition is doing their marketing.

Here’s a tip: You can get this info by simply typing Instagram, plus any type of topic into a search engine.  For example, if you want to

Learn all about golf you would type in “Instagram golf”. If you want to spy on a big name brand, like Coca Cola you would type in “Instagram Coca Cola”.

This will give you a  list of results, which typically will include a link to the company’s profile page so you can get an idea of the type of images they use as well as

the most popular type of images.

Think about the ideas you get from businesses that are closely related to your business.  If the other company is doing well, they probably started with the help of a social media manager.  Copying some of the way they do things might help you get started without having to hire your own social media person.

The trick with using Instagram like anything else is…JUST DO IT!  You should have your account set up by now.  Start by spending a few minutes each day working with Instagram.  Upload a photo or two, start following some others and work to get comfortable with this medium.